People with Cabrach Connections

Links to references to people with Cabrach Connections (if you are searching for genealogical information then start here: The Genealogy of The Cabrach. If that doesn't answer it the Cabrach Memories and Cabrach Lives groups on Facebook are the best starting place:


  • Cameron, Alexander

The Gordon Highlanders Peninsula Roll Of Honour, By J. M. Bulloch

Officers, Graduates, and Alumni.

p. 364, Arts Graduates, 1785-89:

Macduff Fyffe,7 f. demortui Joannis in Cabrach. b, s, t, m, A.M.

7 Planter, St. Vincent.

The codes are explained on p. 340 as:

... a student's name is printed only once for any Class, and to it are suffixed the letters b, s, t, m, and A.M., according as the album shows him to have been a bajan, semi, tertian or magistrand of that Class, or to have graduated.

St. Vincent And The Grenadines Genealogy Research - their early newspaper notices page has an entry for Macduff Fyfe (Retrieved from Internet Archive).

[Google Translate: f. demortui Joannis in Cabrach]

  • Roy, John

  • Innkeeper, Cabrach. House burnt.

Jacobites Of Aberdeenshire And Banffshire In The Forty-Five, By Alistair & Henrietta Tayler Milne & Hutchison, Aberdeen. 1928.

(Mentioned in Cabrach Feerings, Chapter III., as Lieutenant Roy.)

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